5 good reasons why you should never wear tight underwear!

Tight clothing makes you a man to a lesser extent. This is not because, although it is not, even the most masculine man seems sad and is probably the best type of design prevention in the known world. No, hugging makes you a kind of man, and here are five reasons why you should never approach tight clothes.

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They make you sterile

In all honesty, there really is a reason behind why your gonads stay out of your body instead of being folded securely inside. Essentially, your sperm should be kept at a truly stable temperature, around 98 degrees, and your body, therefore, can change the temperature by keeping it closer or further away from your body.

That is why your young people die when they are exposed to the cold, while your body brings them closer to warm them. Wearing tight clothing keeps them close to the body, overheating them, which damages their sperm and makes it less rich.

Reduce testosterone

Another symptom, associated with overheating, is the decrease in testosterone. Testosterone is the essential hormone of synthesis, and by consuming less, it will cause latency, more fragile muscles, and general malaise. In the same sense, tight clothing makes you a man to a lesser extent.

They can cause testicular torsion.

Testicular torsion is a condition in which the gonads bend and contract within. It is incredibly atrocious, shocking and normal, and can cause the gonad to become gangrenous and expelled. This is usually not a problem if the balls are free and free, but using them under them can cause them to bend and cause a testicular turn.

They can lead to rashes.

Tight clothing usually turns into wet clothing when used in hot conditions or when exerting. This causes your skin to be disturbed and ends up having very nice and irritating private parts. This condition is also ready for contamination, so you run a much greater risk of creating some kind of parasite. None of these will be a problem if you wear free clothes or, surprisingly, no clothes.

They look stupid

Actually, they just do not look good. What is the point of having fruitful gonads, without tingling, without twisting if there is no one around to use them? Go with a fighter or a commando and your young people will be obligated.

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